Psychoanalytic Training Program

Founded in 1986 (as the Centre for Psychoanalytic Research) the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis (ACP) is devoted to the teaching of psychoanalysis, the training of analysts and research in the psychoanalytic field within the Lacanian orientation. The Centre offers a comprehensive program of training in psychoanalysis comprising the three components of psychoanalytic formation (personal analysis, clinical supervision and theoretical and clinical studies) which may lead to registration with the Centre as a Practising Analyst. Applications for candidature as an Analyst-in-Training can be made by members of the ACP who have commenced their formation and are actively participating in the activities of the Centre. Anyone with an interest in the study of psychoanalysis can apply to the relevant convenors to join in the Centre’s activities. ACP Training document (PDF, 100kB) For further information contact: Silvia Rodríguez, Convenor of the Training Committee, (03) 9349 3451, silvia.rodriguez (at)

Introductory course in Psychoanalysis

There are innumerable ways of recounting a life, and a childhood that may seem like a fraught love affair. Uniquely, psychoanalysis takes us to the core of how these accounts – and the consequences they have – are told and retold. It is a combination of theory and practice that allows spaces to arise, owes nothing to conformity and risks unearthing what it is that we really want.

If you are interested in such explorations, the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis offers an Introductory Course designed for both clinicians and those with a more general orientation. For more than 20 years, this one-year course has provided an entrée to the work of Sigmund Freud and those who came after him, most especially Jacques Lacan.

The course, conducted over two semesters one evening a week in Parkville, tackles the concepts that lie at the heart of psychoanalysis. It is both theoretical and practical, with an emphasis on the case studies Freud used to illustrate his revolutionary understanding. Taught by analysts and others from the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis, it also explores conceptual frameworks that different schools have used to elaborate their version of Freud’s discovery.

Psychoanalysis – as theory and a clinical practice – also has a powerful research function. All these will be touched upon in the course. In weekly 1 and ½ hour seminars the teaching covers the basic ideas of psychoanalytic practice, and the way that they are implemented in the clinic.

As the source from which all psychotherapies derive, psychoanalysis aims most potently to produce truthful knowledge, and this will be a theme of the course. Over its many years the Introductory Course has proved an accessible way to explore psychoanalysis. Held Thursday evenings between 7.30 and 9, it is suitable for those who want to develop an understanding of psychoanalysis – and is open to anyone interested in learning through the study of Freud’s case studies, and the conceptual thinking that both underpinned those cases, and elaborated from them.

By introducing participants to the fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis – particularly that elaborated by Freud and Lacan – the course can be a springboard to further study. For many, it has led to a training in psychoanalysis, and an involvement with the wider psychoanalytic community.

For further information please contact course co-ordinator,
Dr Peter Ellingsen, peter.ellingsen (at), or Tel: 0408 125 076.

Program of Theoretical and Clinical Studies in Psychoanalysis

The Australian Centre of Psychoanalysis conducts a well established four-year program of theoretical and clinical studies in psychoanalysis. Our program is aimed at engaging participants in a systematic study of the key concepts and questions crucial for the ethics, theory and clinical practice of psychoanalysis. It will provide those who desire to practice as analysts with an orientation and firm foundation to their formation as analysts. It will also be of interest to others interested in exploring and researching particular topics and questions in psychoanalysis. The core program of on-going studies consists of four Foundation Seminars listed below:

  • 1. Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
  • – Theory of the Unconscious and Repetition—from Freud to Lacan (PDF, 77kB)
  • – The Drive and Sexuality in the Work of Freud and Lacan (PDF, 78kB)
  • Second Year:
  • – The Unconscious and Discourse (PDF, 94kB)
  • – Transference—in Freud and Lacan (PDF, 88kB)
  • 2. Psychopathology
  • – Hysteria (Anxiety Hysteria; Conversion Hysteria) (PDF1, 88kB, PDF2, 63kB)
  • – Obsessional Neurosis (PDF, 72kB)
  • – The Psychoses (PDF, 98kB)
  • 3. Ethics and Praxis (PDF, 25kB), (PDF, 128kB)
  • 4. Psychoanalysis with Children (PDF, 146kB)

The program of theoretical and clinical studies also includes the following seminars:


ACP Program of studies general outline and enrolment details (PDF, 72kB); ACP Advert 2016 (PDF, 118kB)

For further information contact: Dr Serena Smith, Coordinator of the Program of Studies, serena.smith (at)

ACP Cartels

The ACP has a number of Cartels that research particular questions in relation to psychoanalytic theory and practice. For further information contact: Dr Leonardo Rodriguez, leonardo.rodriguez (at)


The Centre’s Library is open to all ACP members and students. For further information contact: Silvia Rodriguez, 9349 3451.

Register of Practising Analysts 2017

Inclusion in the ACP’s register of practising analysts is pursued by members applying to the ACP Register Committee, and it is dependent on the committee being satisfied that all the components of a psychoanalytic training have been adequately carried out to the extent that the candidate can be recognised by the Centre as a registered practising analyst.


The ACP is a member association of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) within the Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy section. Only Registered Practicing Analysts of the ACP can join the clinical section of the PACFA Register. Registration with PACFA will be the prerequisite for registration with the independent national credentialling system, the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP).