ACP Clinic


In this often complex and demanding world, it is not uncommon to feel unsettled, disconnected, unsure or unhappy at some stage. These experiences may not easily pass, and you might find it useful to see an analyst to work through the issues you consider are holding you back. Through the ACP Clinic, we offer a talking therapy where we work with you as an individual, focusing on your unique life experiences. We provide a therapeutic structure in which to work through the conscious and unconscious factors that continue to shape your life and affect your ability to deal with current difficulties. 

Aim of the Clinic

To provide access to psychoanalytic treatment for adults and children. The treatment will be conducted by Registered Analysts or Analyst Candidates who are members of the ACP. 

The Process

Contact the Clinic Coordinator by phone on 0408 225 993 or by email on

Messages will receive a response within two working days. If you prefer to send an email, please check your junk folder if a timely reply is not received. After a brief discussion with the Coordinator, you will be offered an initial consultation with an analyst. 


Every effort will be made to offer analysis to those who desire it. No-one will be excluded on the basis of their ability to pay. On-going fees will be a matter for agreement between analyst and patient.