Supervision and Seconday Consultation

The Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis provides training for those interested in the field of psychoanalysis through its theoretical courses and seminars. Key to the transmission of psychoanalysis and to the training of psychoanalysts-to-be is the ongoing supervision of cases via a Registered Practicing Analyst in order to interrogate the direction of the treatment and its principles of power that are always at stake within each unique treatment.

Other colleagues in institutions or private practice may also wish to engage in secondary consultation about cases with analyst members of the ACP, in order to reflect in a different way on the treatment they provide when feeling stuck, at a loss or when faced with questions about their own role and position they hold. This can be useful in discrete cases, or as a more formal and consistent practice.

In both instances, the ACP welcomes enquiries about finding a suitable supervisor through correspondence with the ACP Clinic Coordinator:

ACP Clinic Coordinator:
T : 0408 225 993