Clinical Services

Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis (ACP) offers a variety of clinical services that promote the aims of the centre according to its guiding principles. These clinical services are provided by both Registered Practicing Analysts and Analyst Candidates of the ACP who have are or currently undergoing training according to the ethic and procedures that govern this process, which may include courses run by the ACP.

Registered Practising Analysts (RA) is a list of members who are recognised by the ACP as competent practitioners of psychoanalysis. Members of the Register authorise themselves as Practising Analysts and are confident to practice in accordance with this authorisation, in the direction of treatments, the presentation of cases and involvement in case discussions. Their psychoanalytic competence has been recognised by the ACP through their having fulfilled the components of a training; personal analysis, clinical supervision, presentation of two training cases, a course of theoretical studies equivalent to our four year program of clinical and theoretical studies, and through having given an account of their work to their peers, over many years. The ACP offers a public guarantee that the applicant has undergone training and is able to practice as a psychoanalyst.

Analyst Candidates (AC)includes a number of analysts who are in the process of formation and fulfilling the components of training outlined above. Each candidate gives an account of their work to their peers at a number of forums within the ACP; most particularly the Clinical Seminar Program, and the Clinic Group. All listed practitioners have in place the necessary professional links and professional indemnity insurance to receive patients. As members of ACP, Analyst Candidate are bound by the centre’s codes of conduct and ethics as stated in the Constitution.

Both Registered Analysts and Analyst Candidate’s provide an account of their work at an annual review. In this review, the areas of analysis, supervision, training and legal and ethical complaints and professional development are addressed.

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