International Lacan Seminar 2023



December 2-3
Saturday: 9am-5pm; Sunday 9am-11am

Organised by the ACP and the Forum of Melbourne (IF-SPFLF), this year’s second International Lacan Seminar is open to all colleagues interested in psychoanalysis, and will be held in person and over zoom.

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Semester Two:

Radu Turcanu


Anxiety and the True Hole in the Borromean Knot – Some Clinical Implications Concerning Transference and the End of an Analysis


Anxiety is an affect which plays a key role in analysis. It is not only the affect which does not deceive, the closest to what Lacan calls the real, but also a middle term between desire and jouissance (Seminar X). Conditioning desire and accompanying jouissance (as in sexuality in general, and orgasm in particular), anxiety is the major expression of the encounter with the hole in the Other.

The subject can transform anxiety in desire, when it becomes obvious that anxiety and desire share the same object, the small a as both cause of desire and disquieting presence of the enigma of the Other.

Transference, in psychoanalysis, “true love” admits Freud, is love for knowledge, insists Lacan, incarnated by a subject supposed to this knowledge, the analyst, which gradually becomes unconscious knowledge without any subject.  Two different solutions present themselves to the subject, as the Borromean knot shows it. The false hole, that of meaning, which tempers anxiety, a therapeutical by-product of the analytic treatment, following Freud. And the true (or real) hole, where anxiety facing the bar on the Other is that of the horror of knowing that there is no guarantee for the real singularity, that which is grounded in jouissance.

The end of analysis can thus be presented as a response to the anxiety coming from the hole in the Other: not only the analyst is authorized only by himself and…some others, but this holds true for the sexual speaking being her/himself.

Speaker Details:

Radu Turcanu

Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist in Paris

AMS of EPFCL, Director of the School (2019-2020), Present member of the CIG (2023-2023)

Founding member of FCL-Romania in 2012

PhD in comparative literature, University of Illinois, USA (1998)

Doctor in psychoanalysis and clinical psychopathology, University of Paris 7 (2004)


Contact: Dr Carmelo Scuderi (President)
T: 0438 281 789



Q&A Session


Tuesday 7 February

Analysts and teachers of the ACP will be available to answer questions and speak about the activities of the ACP to any interested parties.

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Meeting ID: 869 2264 6398 Passcode: 569054

Contact: Dr Carmelo Scuderi (President)
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Orientation Session


Saturday 18 February

Seminar convenors and the co-ordinators of the Introductory Course and Four Year Program of Studies will present their planned activities.

Contact: Dr Carmelo Scuderi (President)
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Trans-Pacific Colloquium 


Saturday August 19


This colloquium is a collaboration between the ACP, members of the Forum of Melbourne, the Forum of New Zealand and colleagues in

French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

Contact: Marina Connelly (IF-SPFLF delegate)
Contact: Carney Lee (IF-SPFLF delegate)

Colloquium to be held over Zoom

ACP XXIV Symposium and Forum of Melbourne Colloquium


Saturday May 27


Treacy Conference Centre, Parkville and Zoom 

The annual Symposium/Colloquium will be a presentation of papers on the theme for the year, entitled: ‘What anxiety enables to isolate, warrants the praxis of psychoanalysis a name – Erotology’

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Delegates of the Forum of Melbourne
Dr Nicol Thomas (IF-SPFLF Delegate)
T: 0432 221 027

Dr Carmelo Scuderi (President ACP)
T: 0438 281 789

Sydney Lacan Workshop


Saturday November 18


RANZCP NSW Branch, and over Zoom

Organised by the ACP and the Forum of Melbourne (IF-SPFLF), this year’s Sydney Lacan Workshop is organised around the theme: “The Question of Angst: towards Unheimlich, the nightmare, or else?”. It includes a talk from guest speaker, Dr. Victor Mazin. 

Program and Zoom link

Contact: Dr Ofelia Brozky (Convenor)
T: 0425 221 269